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5 Essentials For A Remote Wedding

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Planning and executing a unique and remote outdoor wedding instead of an indoor event can be beautiful and private — but creates unique challenges.

Limited nearby resources, infrastructure and normal amenities that come with being indoors often demands a different approach.

When you organize your outdoor wedding you must consider the lack of built-in necessities that result in a smooth wedding day. Preplanning can eliminate delays or inconveniences for the wedding party and your guests.

Keep your remote wedding running smoothly with these items:


  • Furniture: Guests need chairs for seating, tables for eating and tents for shelter. For a successful remote wedding, make sure you bring enough furniture to keep your guests comfortable. 
  • Power Generator: Weddings involve lights and music ⁠— both of which require electricity. Because electricity is rare in a remote location, you may need a power generator to help your wedding run properly. 
  • Transportation: Arriving at the set location may be difficult at remote weddings. Acquire the appropriate transportation for you and your guests to travel to the remote or outdoor location easily and conveniently. 
  • Caterer: Because you will probably lack a kitchen at a remote wedding, you will need food for your guests brought to you. Consider hiring a caterer to bring the pre-cooked food to your remote location. 
  • Luxury Portable Restrooms: For your guests’ comfort, have portable restrooms available. A good option is portable restrooms which are made for luxury occasions such as remote weddings. These luxury portable restrooms carry elegant fixtures and upscale plumbing to maintain the style of your wedding.


Ease the stress of your wedding day with these essentials for remote and outdoor weddings. Keep yourself and your guests comfortable even in a setting away from structure.

For more information about luxury portable restrooms from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.

Take Care Of Your Toilet

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When not cared for properly, a portable restroom becomes a dangerous environment. In addition to becoming malodorous and unsightly, these spaces — when neglected — become hot spots for bacteria to flourish and grow.

Infections transferred through dirty portable restrooms include –– Norovirus, Salmonella, Shigellosis, Hepatitis A and Influenza. These infections include symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, dehydration, dizziness and vomiting.

Keep in mind that these infections can be obtained from any unclean bathrooms indoors or outdoors — as all bacteria flourishes in an unclean environment.

However, infections do not have to run rampant in your portable restroom. There are simple ways to keep your portable restroom clean, safe and functioning properly for the entirety of its lifespan.

Here are a few tips to remember when cleaning your bathrooms:

  • Clean Once a Day: Keep the facilities clean by evacuating the waste at least once a day. This includes removing the waste, disposing of it safely and ensuring that none is left within the tank afterwards.

  • Clean Points of Contact: Scrub surfaces for any points of contact possibly contaminated with bacteria, such as toilets, floors, walls and door handles. Be sure to also refill all supplies and load the tank back up with fluid.

  • Sanitize Frequently: To keep yourself safe from germs when using a portable restroom, sanitize your hands immediately after use or after touching any area within the restroom. If possible, avoid touching any of the surfaces directly and exposing your skin to bacteria. Instead, use a shirt sleeve or paper towel to touch points of interaction.

  • Have Additional Help For Big Events: To maintain cleanliness during events, check the facilities frequently, cleaning throughout the duration of the event. To better prepare for overflows of people, order additional services for the event, allowing outside agencies to come in to remain near the portable restroom, ready to freshen up the facility at a moment’s notice.

During events that involve portable restrooms, cleanliness is crucial. Popular events are often when the most contamination occurs within your portable restroom, as it involves the highest population of people using your facilities consecutively.

Portable restrooms can be a great benefit for any type of event. With the right amount of care and patience, you can help your guests to be comfortable and healthy.

For more information about porta-potties from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.

Event Planning on a Budget

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Budgeting can make or break an event. If you’re operating with limited funds, every extra dollar chips away at the opportunities for your event. When event planning on a budget, follow these key guidelines to earn the most bang for your buck.

Check out these tips for event planning on a budget:

  1. Book Your Venue Early: Picking the right venue takes time, with fewer options the longer you wait. Many venues also set last-minute booking costs. You can earn a better bargain by choosing a less popular date. More unique areas, such as a rooftop or barn, may also provide cheaper prices.

  2. Consider Simple Food Options: Unless your event surrounds culinary arts, catering should be affordable. With a tight budget a simple crowd-pleaser, such as a salad bar or cupcakes, can satisfy your audience. Bottled water should be available in various locations. If alcohol is a must, signature cocktails can quench your audience’s thirst without the need of an open bar.

  3. Use Creative Marketing: As one of the most challenging tasks on a budget, marketing pushes for more creative practices. Printing flyers and posters racks up costs, so go digital. Market your event on social media by creating a Facebook event page. Create a website or develop an app for the event, and upload pictures and videos on Instagram and YouTube to build up hype. Try to think of what websites and apps your market would frequent, and find out how to communicate with them organically.

  4. Recruit Volunteers and Interns: If your event demands a lot of manpower, volunteers and interns offer the cheapest option. Though they may be less experienced, with proper training they can contribute to the success of your event.

  5. Don’t Skimp On Your Restrooms: One area where you do not want to skimp on is portable restrooms. A low amount of restrooms causes long lines that separate your audience from your event. Having plenty of porta potties in strategic areas in and around your event ensures your audience a speedy return to what they were enjoying at the event.

For more information about event planning on a budget from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.

Portable Restroom Placement

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Figuring out where to place porta jons for an event often becomes a tedious ordeal. Many factors play into smart placement of portable restrooms for an event – poor positioning often leads to frustration and complaints from patrons.

When planning the placement of a temporary restroom, first consider the location. Place the restroom on a dry and level area to avoid sinking and tipping problems. Porta potties also need to offer easy access to a truck coming to unload them – plan accordingly.

Here are 5 tips to remember when placing porta potties:

  1. Access Is Everything: Consider the accessibility of your temporary restroom to your patrons. Keeping them centrally located or strategically located along a worksite or event area helps patrons find a porta potty when needed.

  2. Don’t Create Eyesores: Another major factor at play involves the visibility of temporary restrooms – they quickly become eyesores when placed next to major attractions or work spaces. However, hiding porta potties from view makes finding a restroom difficult for patrons. Using signs to clearly indicate out-of-sight bathrooms helps give you the best of both worlds.

  3. Don’t Forget About Wind: Strong winds often catch and tip porta-jons if measures are not taken to prevent mishaps. Placing a temporary restroom against a wall or fence prevents accidents and injuries related to falling.

  4. Consider Event Size: Events expecting large crowd sizes need restrooms set outside of potential congested areas. Keeping long restroom lines and odors away from crowded areas helps improve the flow of congested areas and patron experience.

  5. Try For Convenience, Without Disruption: Place temporary restrooms within walking distance of food vendors, but remember to position them downwind to prevent restroom odors from making their way into concession areas.

When in doubt about where to position porta-jons, the experienced team at All Seasons Porta Jons can help. We specialize in planning out temporary restroom accommodations according to your specific event needs.

For more information about portable restrooms from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.

7 Tips For Hosting A Successful Event

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Whether planning a party for eight or 8,000, hosting a successful event of any size involves stress, time and a tremendous amount of effort.

With everything that you eventually put into making your event happen, you want it to go smoothly and make sure that everybody has a good time. While you cannot control every element, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your event is a total success.

Here are 7 tips for hosting a successful event:


  1. Plan In Advance: Have a date set for your event well in advance, and send out invites when the date is established. This will give your contacts plenty of time to clear their schedules for that date, or let you know of any conflicts well ahead of the event.

  2. Be Convincing: Create a buzz about your event with well-designed invites and convincing reasons why people should attend. Make people believe that this event is something they definitely will not want to miss.
  3. Send Reminders: Planning and sending invites in advance is necessary, but some people need to be reminded close to the date of the event. Send an email reminder a week or so before the event to ensure that the event hasn’t slipped from anyone’s mind.
  4. Convenience Is Key: Make sure that your guests are able to find the venue easily, and provide them with directions or a map to the location. Also make sure that the venue is big enough to comfortably fit all of your guests, because a cramped event will hurt everybody’s experience.
  5. Expect Extras: It’s always better to over-prepare than to under-prepare. Have enough seats, food and drinks for everybody with room to spare as well. This way, if more people come than you originally expected, you’ll still be able to accommodate them.
  6. Garbage Cans: Have enough garbage cans to fit the amount of people who will be attending, and make sure that they are conveniently located throughout the venue. This will make it easier for your guests to throw their trash away, and make it easier for you to clean up afterwards.
  7. Portable Restrooms: Last but not least, if guests will be there longer than 30 minutes, they will most likely need to use the restroom. For smaller events at your home or business, that means that they will be using your facilities — which may not be accommodating for you or your guests — even for a small group. For larger events, portable restrooms become a necessity, and having the right number and the right type remains critical if you want to avoid major headaches during the event.


As with anything, proper preparation remains the key to putting on a successful event. By taking care of potential problems before they arise, you can minimize the stress and likelihood of having to deal with them during the event.

For more information about hosting a successful event from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.

5 Benefits of Using Luxury Restroom Trailers

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Whether you run a growing business and need more restrooms for your customers or employees, or you are hosting an event and want to upgrade the restroom accommodations for your guests — a wide range of portable restroom options exist.

Instead of the basic portable restrooms you see at most events, luxury restroom trailers are top of the line and have many features that standard portable restrooms do not.

Below are five reasons why luxury restroom trailers are a great option:


  1. Heat and A/C: When using outdoor restrooms, the weather has a big impact on how the inside of the restroom feels. With standard portable restrooms, a hot day can make people not want to go anywhere near your restroom due to the smell and humidity. This is why our restroom trailers have easily adjustable heat and A/C inside which give users a much more comfortable experience.
  2. Light Fixtures: Using the bathroom in the dark can be unpleasant and inconvenient. Standard portable restrooms do not have lights on the inside, making them harder to use at night and easier to make a mess in. Restroom trailers are well-lit with light fixtures on the inside that provide the look and feel of any indoor or in-home restroom.
  3. More Room: It’s common knowledge that most standard portable restrooms are pretty small and cramped. There is almost no room to move around or adjust, and can be rough if you’re someone who doesn’t do well in confined spaces. This is why our restroom trailers have multiple stalls and room to walk, giving occupants breathing space and an overall better comfort level.
  4. Glass Mirrors: Most people instinctively look at themselves in the mirror after they use the bathroom, whether it’s to make sure they don’t have food in their teeth or that their hair looks the way they want it to. However, standard portable restrooms usually do not have any mirrors, and the rare ones that do have mirrors usually do not have lights in them for you to actually be able to see anything. Our restroom trailers have good sized mirrors with good lighting so you can make sure your appearance is the way you want it to be before stepping back out to the event.
  5. Ventilation: One of the biggest turn-offs of portable restrooms is the smell. Standard units have little to no ventilation and can become very muggy and smell awful. This is not the case with our restroom trailers. The trailers are well ventilated and temperature adjusted to keep them smelling fresh and clean. 


For more information about the benefits of luxury restroom trailers from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.

Choosing the Right Portable Restrooms

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When hosting an event, finding the right portable restrooms to accommodate your guests often presents a challenge. 

Three main factors determine what type of portable restrooms you need: the number of guests, the event type and your budget. Analyzing these factors will ensure that you get the best restrooms for your guests and your event.

For smaller events, one or two standard portable restrooms will probably suffice. For midsize events, you may need four or five of our standard portable restrooms, or one or two of our luxury restroom trailers. Larger events may require numerous logistical considerations to ensure that restrooms are convenient and accessible for all guests.

The type of event you are hosting makes a difference in what restrooms you may need, depending on the formality or style of the event. An event for families and children may be good for our standard portable restrooms and children’s portable restrooms. A wedding or more formal event may require our luxury restroom trailers that include cherry cabinetry and trim, integrated sinks and chrome fixtures.

All Seasons Porta Jons works with customers to get them the most for their money. We work with your budget to make sure that your event is a success, and that your portable restrooms are the right fit. If you need further assistance in finding the right portable restrooms for your event, our experienced team stands ready to help you make the right decisions.

For more information about choosing the right portable restrooms for your event from the experts at All Seasons Porta Jons, please contact us here or call us directly at 231.843.9191.